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Inflation Instructions: Mark Master Footballs, AFL Training Balls
Important Information: When inflating the Mark Master AFL Footballs Size 2, Size 5 and          Kick n Catch footballs. You will require a minimum 36mm long needle. A shorter needle will Not inflate these AFL training balls.
Inflation Instructions:

Pass Master Footballs Gridiron, Soccer, Rugby Training Balls

When inflating the Pass Master Footballs for Gridiron, Soccer & Rugby you can use any length inflation needle.

The needle needs to be lubricated and pushed firmly into the valve (you may feel some resistance, but you need to penetrate the seal). Once through the seal the valve will open and you can start pumping the air into the ball.
Wrist Strap Instructions

All Footballs are attached to the left or right wrist by a comfortable wristband. Attached to the wristband is a durable bungy cord, which is attached to the ball. When the ball is kicked, the ball returns to the player.

Do the wrist band up firmly, placing  with the swivel and bungy cord on the INSIDE of the wrist.
If you kick using your RIGHT foot , then the wrist band is placed on the RIGHT WRIST
If you Kick using your LEFT foot,  then the wrist band is placed on the LEFT WRIST  
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