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Soccer training balls for all ages.

The Pass Master Soccer Training Ball is BEST Selling Football in Australia and It's ONLY sold Online.

An international sport, soccer is very popular here in Australia with kids age 5 to 10 year. Whether you are playing for competition or leisure, a soccer training ball is a great way to improve core skills such as kicking, dribbling and throwing. This sport really is a game of precision, and it therefore pays to practice as often as possible in order to hone your skills and improve accuracy. That Training Ball has something suitable for players of all ages, as we stock our soccer ball on a string in two sizes: one suitable for children 3-10, and a larger ball for players 11 years and older. These balls are a great way to improve hand/eye coordination, sensory coordination and also confidence – and the BEST thing about them is they cannot go over the Fence or out on the Road. For budding goalies, the Pass Master Soccer Training Ball is the only training aid that will help you quickly improve the skills a goalie requires. Practice heading the ball, throwing the ball in, kicking out from goals, and your catching skills. You can practice alone at home or in a park.

All of our soccer training balls are made from 3 ply, 2.5mm cushioned synthetic leather that has been hand stitched. The ball is attached via a metal swivel to a durable bungee cord that can stretch up to 5 metres, preventing the cord from twisting.Our soccer ball on a string really is an invaluable training tool. If you would like to know more about how this product works, take a look at our instructional videos.

That Training Ball is an Australian Company, the Pass Master footballs and Mark Master footballs are Australian designed, if you have any questions please give us a call. We deliver Australia wide, and all shipping is included in the price – Order NOW!!!

For oversea's customers we do ship overseas. Please Email or Phone with your requirements, so we can give you a accurate quote.

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